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About Us

More Than Just Firewood

In 2014 we realized that trees that were being felled in our community were either being chunked up and burned or taken to landfills and left to rot.  We were determined to transform our urban cut trees into beautiful beams and lumber that can be reused in the community instead of being considered waste.

Small Footprint 

By utilizing a portable bandsaw mill we are able to saw logs onsite reducing the hauling of timber back and forth from a mill and then back to the consumer.  Portablility also allows us to complete jobs that larger saw mill operations are unable or not willing to complete. 

Your Logs - Your Lumber

Our moto "Your Logs-Your Lumber" was sparked by the idea of the many special projects you can create with the trees you have from your own land.  Turn your trees into a new and unique custom project. Customize your new home or barn with hand sawed beams from trees cut from clearning of the site.  Repurpose historic wood for a special project.  The ideas are endless.

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